ENDERA Klinik-Partnerschaft

Collaborative. Professional. Connected.

The ENDERA Clinic Partnership supports hospitals, medical care centres (MVZs) and other healthcare facilities with a comprehensive range of consulting and other services in a demand-oriented and objective-driven manner, in the areas of management and administration. Together with our clients we pursue the goal of ensuring quality, profitability and future viability. We cultivate the exchange of ideas in a spirit of partnership and create additional benefits by connecting those involved.


The virtual network.


The ENDERA Clinic Partnership is a nationwide, open alliance of hospitals, medical care centres and other healthcare facilities, forming a virtual network. Here “virtual” means that each facility remains independent and the body responsible is retained. The alliance has a partnership centre that maintains a pool of experienced experts to support and relieve in various service areas.


Sharing experts.


We provide hospitals, medical care centres and other healthcare facilities with access to experts and their specific know-how. The sharing principle involves providing services cost-effectively and ensuring them for the long term – because specialists are now in short supply, not only in patient care, but also in administrative areas. We tailor the scope of our support to the individual needs of the respective facility.


Exchange and network.


The clinic partnership uses various platforms to enable all those involved to professionally exchange information and connect with each other. In addition to regular events for executive management members (e.g. ENDERA Network Day), there are also work groups for managers and their teams. What is offered is geared to the needs of all participants and is continually developed further.